Monday, February 25, 2013

Spotting my belongings in a film

You are watching a film or a TV show and suddenly you see an item that you own.  Or an actress wearing a dress you have in your closet.  It's an odd moment- and it kind of breaks down the 4th wall!

Here are two things I've recently spotted on the small screen that also hang out at my house.

The Walking Dead: The quilt on the bed in the farmhouse. 

I've had this quilt for years; my Mom gave it to me.  It's factory made, but it's a nice light weight for early spring.

And next:

The Casserole Club: drinking glasses

These were a surprise to see.  I had literally, two days before, picked up a set of about 15 of these at a yard sale.  I have way too many glasses, but the lady wanted $2 for all of them and I couldn't pass them up.  I thought maybe I'd use them for candle holders or holiday glasses.

They have no markings, so I just assumed they were modern made.

The Casserole Club is set in the 1960s.. so was the prop department of the movie satisfied as long as the props looked mid century, or do I have an actual vintage set of glasses?

Bonus shot from The Casserole Club: you can see the glasses on the table, etc- but I really love all the ceramic pieces on the shelving!