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Welcome to the book reviews section of HelloHorizon!

Do you have a book collection you would like to grow? 

Are you always on the hunt for new, and unique books?

 would you like to start a collection of your own? 

...If so, then you are in the right place!

Here I share my love of the printed word through casual reviews that showcase some of my unique, beautiful books!

Where I find my books:

Library book sales- I pick up many of my books at library book sales.  Most local libraries hold a used book sale once a month, and many keep a small selection year round for purchase.  The prices at a library book sale are normally very good, around 50 cents for paperbacks and one dollar for hard covers!

Antique stores, Peddlers Malls- These stores are a great place to find unique and unexpected books.  Expect to pay a much higher price than at a library sale.

Online- When you purchase online, the prices can vary widely.  There are some good bargains to be had, but there are also exorbitant asking prices.  Take advantage of your ability to research and compare prices!
Be sure to read condition descriptions carefully to avoid purchasing a musty, water damaged, or otherwise unexpected book.
***My favorite website for buying books online is Biblio Books.  This site offers advanced search options, a variety of price points, and an unparalleled selection of books.   It is also useful for research and price comparison!


Book Reviews

Horizon Book of the Arts Series, these book/hardback magazines are at the top of my favorite reads.  The quality of this publication is superior; they don't make magazines like this anymore!

The Great Book of Jewels, Ernst A. and Jean Heiniger, 1974- This large, well written, and beautifully photographed coffee table book leaves little to be desired.  It has it all!

Flowers and Trees of Tudor England, Clare Putnam, 1972.  Featuring prints taken from a 16th century manuscript, this book is good for either a casual thumb through or to inspire artistic pursuits. 

Painting Between the Wars, 1918-1940, Daniel Robbins, 1966.  A great little book with a collection of 24 color slides included.  Very fun book!

The Matinee Idols, David Carroll, 1972.  This book chronicles the male superstars of early cinema and stage.  Lots of great photos and entertaining prose about the players of this forgotten era.

God's Own Junkyard, Peter Blake, 1964.  Black and white photes of the destruction of America's natural landscape.  Beautiful photos and thoughtful prose.

Palliser's Model Homes 1878, Glenwood Publishers, 1972. This sweet little pink book is a reproduction of an architectural catalog from 1878.  It is full of blueprints and illustrations of houses from this era in architecture.

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