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Welcome to my paintings page! 

I have many hobbies.  But my most favorite thing to do is paint. 

Painting: stimulates my mind, frees me from worry, makes me feel happy.


I sort of suck at it- ha!  And that's OK!
 it's actually probably better that way.  It wouldn't be as fun if I had any expectations of doing something great.  :)

I only paint for myself, and no one besides family and friends have even seen my work (unless you're reading this now!). 

My style of painting: 
What really interests me is portraiture.  I have done a few still lifes, but I really prefer to paint people.

I have had no training, but learned to paint by lots of practice, and by studying art books of the artists I love.  (lots of Modigliani, Kahlo, Eakins, Balthus, Matisse, and various renaissance artists)

Lady with Willow Branches

Lady in Floral Dress

The Poppy Flower Apron

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