Monday, April 23, 2012

Casual Book Review: Painting between the Wars

Painting between the Wars 1918-1940, Daniel Robbins, Published 1966.  From the series 'Color slide program of the World's Art.'

This book is very fun.  It is modest in size; only about fifty pages, but the real cool part is the 24 color slides that are stored in plastic sleeves in a fold out cover.

My husband spotted this one years ago at a library book sale.  We don't own a slide projector, but this makes me want to get one!  Someone got some good use out of this one, there are stains and highlight markings throughout!  The book is a little rough, but the slides are in perfect condition!

You can get your own copy over at Biblio books, my favorite online book retailer!

The one and only Matisse

I'm not very familiar with Stuart Davis' work,
but I love this street scene!

Chaim Soutine was a good friend and often sitter for
my favorite painter, Modigliani


New table runner, and kitties

So, this past week I have been working on a table runner.  The pattern is taken from Stitch magazine, and you can find pics of it on my blog,

While taking pictures, both cats had already been scolded about jumping up on the runner.  Yoko jumped up anyways and made herself comfortable, to the great chagrin of Frida.

So cute!!

This affront of course could not go unpunished, so Frida jumped on the table and started a fight. 

Oh, the drama of living with two cats!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vintage Embroidered Linens

My Husband was very sweet and took my Mom and myself to a sidewalk craft sale today.  There were a lot of nice vendors, and I would have more fun if it wasn't nearing 100 degrees without a cloud or a breeze to be found.  The sun is merciless in the desert; you can get the start of a bad sunburn in a matter of 5 minutes.  (I know this from experience!)

Though I was speed shopping, I did pick up a few fat quarters, and scored some beautiful vintage embroidered linens.  Tomorrow I will do a bit of washing, ironing, and stashing!

Sampler butterfly- love the colors!

This is a table runner, with a butterfly on each end

This is a little piece, edged with cotton lace
I think the leaves are kind of neat

Cross stitched rose

This grape embroidered piece is large!  The linen has natty bits running through
it in different colors
The grapes are outlined in the most perfect blanket
stitches I have ever seen!

These two little elves are adorable!
The blue variegated thread gives a nice effect
This bouquet sampler uses quite a few stitches. 
I really like the extra long lazy daisy stitches
worked in pink and red thread!

It is table runner size

This might be my favorite one, I just love this.  It is a table runner, with the
design on both ends.  Cotton lace border

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Breakfast Today

My man cooked me up an impromptu breakfast this morning!  (well, I had to beg him a little)

Fluffy scrambled eggs, orange juice, and waffles with: butter, maple syrup, powdered sugar, strawberries, and whip cream   (waffles are Trader Joes whole grain)

Appliqued table runner

This week I've been working on a colorful table runner.  The pattern is from Stitch magazine, Fall 2010.  All I have left is slip stitching the binding to the backing.  I will be posting it on my stitch-love-project blog soon, so please visit if you get a chance!

Bok Choy Blossoms

Bok Choy Blossoms

Cooking dinner tonight, I found in the center of a head of bok choy: a bouquet of flowers!
I don't recall having ever found blooming flowers in bok choy before.. but deep in the prospect of lots of vegetable chopping, these little yellow flowers brightened my mood!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Double Yolk Egg

While making fudge brownies last night and I got suprising news.. twins!
I have cracked open double yolk eggs before, and it's one of those things you have to stop and examine for a minute.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Embroidery Projects

This week I have been working on several embroidery projects. 

I love having many things going at the same time.  That way, when I tired of the sewing chair and ironing board, I can snuggle on the couch with a crochet project!

Does tackling several projects at the same time dilute or fuel creativity?


Yeah.. My Dad is too cool.  It was the early 70s, and he was probably 18 or so.  Note the lack of a shirt. 

I love my Dad :)

"&Stitches" stitch a header

The authors of an e-zine and blog that I often visit, &Stitches, recently asked readers to stitch up letters for their header.  These would then be assembled ransom note style to spell "&stitches"- with what I am sure will be eclectic results! 

I submitted a letter "C", which I think turned out nice.  The "C" is composed of french knots, and inside is a gnarly spring tree that is ready to bud.  I hope my "C" is chosen to be a part of the header for this cute blog!

You might be wondering what use a woman named Jasmine would have for an embroidered letter "C".  I think I will make it into a needle book for my mom, who is a super crafty lady whose name just happens to start with "C"!

Monday, April 2, 2012

New embroidery pattern for sale!

I am excited to offer an original embroidery pattern for sale!  If you want to stitch this lovely lady for yourself, visit my etsy shop; you can find all the details there!