Monday, May 21, 2012

Granny Sampler Afghan Stitch Along/ Weaving in crochet ends

So I made this cute pillow last week for my Stitch-Love-Project blog.  I always visit the blog/website of the designer of my latest project, and have found some wonderful blogs this way.  WiseCraft is no exception!

-and I'm just in time to join an afghan sampler stitch along!  I can't wait to finish it!

Above are the first three blocks done- ends woven in and all!  When doing grannies, it's good practice to weave in the ends after each block is finished, otherwise it gets really overwhelming at the end of the project.

My tips for weaving in ends: 
1. When you've finished off a round, leave a tail of about 5-6 inches long.
2. On the next round, crochet over the knot and the tail of the round before.  **Don't carry the tail along the space between the stitches, as it will be seen.  Just stitch over the tail with about 3-4 stitches.  This hides the knot.

3. When the square is completed, thread a tail with a yarn needle, and weave it into the stitches nearby of the same color as the tail

4. Weave carefully thru the yarn ply, in a zigzag pattern, thoroughly (this will help hold the tail secure) ending in the middle of a cluster of stitches (so tail won't show thru a space if it loosens)

5. After all the tails are woven, gently pull the square both ways to loosen the tails.

**As the afghan is used and folded and washed, it will stretch.  This step of gently pulling the block before cutting the tails ensures that they have enough slack to limit their coming unwoven later on as the afghan stretches

6. Clip the tails, leaving about 1/2 inch

After all the blocks are stitched together, tails can be clipped all the way.

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