Saturday, May 12, 2012

Las Vegas View; nothing new

There is an amazing view of the valley up the road from my house.  You reach the crest of the road and it just suddenly opens up.  Of course, a photo doesn't do it justice. (you can't see it twinkling!) 

Posting has been a little sporadic at hellohorizon the past couple weeks.  Probably because I've been sticking close to home and watching way too many low budget costume dramas on netflix.  Riveting stuff..

I'm multitasking a few things, but nothing ready to share yet.  At the top of the list is finishing up my second Tudor historical embroidery series.  But this involves a lot of computer scanning and editing- which is a little tedious so I kind of procrastinate it.

I bought a new app a few days ago, Stop Motion Studio Pro, and spent all morning making a stop motion movie.  It involves wool embroidery and Belle and Sebastian-  I've watched it about 25 times!

I'm thinking of tackling french macarons for the third time.  The previous results have been spectacular (and delicious) failures.  Why can't I get a decent foot?

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