Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Movie Monday

Here's a recap of this week's screenings.  Proof in writing that I watch too many movies.

Casa de mi Padre (2012)- Will Ferrell stars as a Mexican cattle rancher.  He speaks Spanish throughout the entire film.  The cinematography is beautiful done; I love the look and atmosphere of the film.  Of course Will Ferrell is silly throughout.  I found the whole thing entertaining.

Casa de mi Padre

Pink Ribbons Inc. (2011)- Documentary exposing some of the truths behind all those pink ribbon campaigns you see when you walk in a store or turn on the TV.  I found a lot of this documentary disturbing and sad.  Watch this one for its information, but expect to probably be pissed and depressed.
I'd like to share a small bit of personal advice.  About a year ago, I took stock of all the personal beauty products I used on myself daily, and it varied from 12-15 a day.  Then I flipped the bottles around and started to read and research the ingredient lists.  What I found was scary!  Our skin is full of holes you know, and the chemicals commonly found in beauty products (many known carcinogens) seep right in.
You have to make the choice of what you buy and use on your person, as the manufacturers and FDA are not taking the responsibility.  I have now reduced my personal beauty product list down to 6 daily, almost all of which are all natural.
Warning!  I learned the hard way that natural ingredients are not necessarily more gentle, in fact it can be the opposite.  The chemicals made in a lab are created to be hypoallergenic while plant based ingredients can cause allergic reactions.  I recommend spot testing any new product before using.  Who would have thought I was allergic to calendula?

Office Space (1999)- A dissatisfied computer tech worker finds his life turned around after an encounter with a hypnotherapist.  This comedy by Mike Judge is a cult classic and I must have watched it a dozen times.  It doesn't really get old.

Office Space
His extreme flexibility cracks me up every time

Bel Ami (2012)- This costume drama based on the novel of the same name by Guy de Maupassant.  It is about a poor but ambitious ex-soldier who seduces woman to gain money and power.  It stars Robert Pattinson in the lead and Uma Thurman in support.  This was watchable I guess (I love costume dramas), but Pattinson was sort of sickly looking throughout.  I do get why the woman took him as a lover and it wasn't really about his looks... maybe I'll read the book someday.

Bel Ami
You're gonna see this expression a lot

Life in a Day (2011)- Documentary collage of people all filmed on one particular day all over the world.  This is one that you know you have to be in the mood for to turn on.  I was relaxing the day before Thanksgiving after a night marathon of prep work in the kitchen, my husband had just woken up and had no plans.  So we happened to be in the very mood!  There is a clip to evoke every emotion, but of course that is the point right?

Enter the Dragon (1973)- Bruce Lee stars in this classic kung fu movie.  Lee's character is asked to infiltrate a shady character's private island and find out what he's up to.  If you like kung fu, of course you've seen this; if you've never seen any of the genre, this is a pretty good one to start with.

Enter the Dragon
This is what zero percent body fat looks like

Thor (2011)- Action comic book based movie about the hero (god?) Thor.  It is sort of a coming of age story because even though Thor is super buff and... grown up looking, he's also immature.  I'd seen this before, but watched it again with my husband, as he'd never seen it.

Treasure Island (2012)- Made for TV mini series (based on the book by the same name) starring Eddie Izzard as Long John Silver.  This was very watchable.  The UK always does the made for TV genre well, and this is no exception.  Eddie Izzard does a great job as the iconic Capt.

Treasure Island

The Pyramid Code (2009)- This 4 part series poses many questions about the true role of the great pyramid.  There were many interesting ideas and theories.  I am skeptical that the great pyramid was a tomb- there are no interior indications that it was a place of burial.  Do we just accept this theory because it is easiest?  This show is a little silly, but not as silly as some of the Ancient Alien shows.  Believe the theories proposed or not, it is still entertaining.

Patriocracy (2011)- Documentary examining why the US seems so polarized politically.  As someone who watches very little news I am always grossly ill informed about politics, so for me a lot of the stories of the past decade or so were new to me.  I thought it was interesting that these news commentary shows that are so popular on every network are in fact not news at all.  They are heavily biased entertainment shows that masquerade and give the appearance as news casts.

Abel Raises Cain (2005)- Documentary by Jenny Abel about the life of her father, professional prankster Alan Abel.  I enjoyed this one so hard- it was hilarious!  Why don't we know more about this guy?  He has been making new reporters and others in the entertainment industry look like jackasses for 50 years! 

America the Beautiful (2007)- Documentary that examines America's obsession with youth and beauty.  This was pretty good if a little long winded and slightly amateurish.  It asked lots of questions, but they have all been asked before.  I think young girls might benefit from seeing this, because that is such a hard time (self esteem wise) and this documentary might help expose some of the lies about the images of the perfect woman we are constantly inundated with.

Pick of the Week:

Walking Dead (2010)- Season 2 of Walking Dead is finally on Netflix.  This series, based on the popular comic books series, follows a man trying to survive after the world is overrun with zombies.  I've been a fan of zombie movies for ten years- ever since my husband made me watch Night of the Living Dead.  I hated horror films up until then, but that all changed after seeing Romero's genius!  Why is this the pick of the week?  Because even though I've screened some great films this week, none had me with biting nails, pounding heart, uncontrollably squealing, wondering why I kept pressing the next episode besides a desire for torturing myself like this one did!

Walking Dead

That's all of this week's screenings. I hope some of these films seemed interesting enough for you to check out. I usually watch movies on Netflix instant streaming, and you can find most of the films there.

Thank you for reading!

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