Sunday, November 11, 2012

TEDtalks; Crochet Pillow

Crochet pillow front, unstuffed

I've been listening to TEDtalks and working on a crochet pillow. 
The pillow pattern is from a vintage (1978 is vintage right?) book, of which most of the patterns are pretty hideous by any decades' standards.  "Fantasy coat" anybody?  But the pillow pattern is great, and I finished it up last night.  It looks bad on my couch.

Note:  Though I got through it ok, but the pattern is definitely not written in modern terms and there was enough 'you fill in the blanks of where to put this stitch' to get annoying.  I like my crochet patterns Precise with a capital 'P'!

Book: Design Crochet, 1978.  Edited by Mark Dittrick (the first 'crochet dude' maybe?)

Crochet pillow done

Crochet pillow backed with brown linen

I love TEDtalks! All the 'Ancient Clues' ones were really good.. mapping the genomes of early forms of humans and finding genetic markers in our own DNA. Neanderthal lovin! 

I also liked a talk on the 'Head Games' series about the power of smiling. Someone studied baseball cards from the 40s or 50s (I think it was) and compared how much the player was smiling vs. how long they lived. Those with the biggest smiles lived the longest!

Crochet pillow looks great on mid-century chair!

I'm still plugging away on my afghan sampler.  Must..finish....

How bout a photo of a mum?

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