Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello, Horizon!

Stack of Horizon magazines

After much thought I have fixed that the most appropriate subject for the first entry of this blog should be one relating to its title- "HelloHorizon". 
This title (also the name of my etsy shop) is a salute to my treasured collection of Horizon magazines, published from 1958-1978, by American Heritage.  This series, though technically a quarterly magazine, can be considered by its fans as much more than what is typically found on a modern newsstand. 

These magazines boast:
-Beautifully colored cloth-bound hardback covers
-Illustrations printed using the complicated/expensive photogravure process.
-Articles on the subjects of art, history, architecture, literature, theatre etc..
-Text written by some of the leading academics of the time

The cover of an issue with an illustration by the incomparable Erte

Where I got mine and where you can get yours:
I aquired my *almost* complete set, including the first edition, at a library booksale years ago.  It was the collection of a single owner, who obviously loved them and kept them in good condition. 

These books, though comparitively expensive for the time (a year's subscription of four issues would set you back $21 in 1961) are still not impossible to find today, and I often run into one or two stray volumes.  I would think a reasonable price to pay for one copy would be from $2-6, depending on the condition.

To Conclude:
These books have meant much to me over the years; they are beautiful, informative, inspirational, and so entertaining.  I often lament the lack of any such thoughtful, quality magazine today; one that is not cheaply printed and half full of advertisements, and I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for perusal, especially those interested in history, art, literature, etc...

An evening well spent- a latte, and a stack of Horizons!

As a final note, the American Heritage publishing co. has over the years produced many a quality book and magazine, including another favorite of mine, the American Heritage magazine, which focuses exclusively on American history.  Their website is worth a visit and can be found here.

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