Friday, January 20, 2012

Pointy Kitty is so cute!

Pointy Kitty is adorable!

A few months ago, I was searching for something to make a little girl for her first birthday.  I was looking for a plush that was relatively easy to make, since I do not have much experience sewing stuffed animals.  I quickly found this amazingly cute (and free) pattern for the Pointy Kitty.  Pointy kitty is the design of Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls.  

It was very nice of Ms. Lang to offer this pattern online, and many people have made a Point Kitty of their own!  (google image search to see for yourself)

I used a contrasting gusset for the inner legs.  I also stuffed
Point Kitty very firm.

I could not believe how cute Point Kitty turned out!  I'm not really a stuffed animal person, but I want one of my own.  I think she would look just as good on a bookshelf as on a toy shelf!

I left off the appliqued pieces, and used pearl snap fasteners instead
of embroidery or buttons.

I think part of the appeal of Pointy Kitty (besides exuding adorable) is that she's so customizable.  The face can be stitched or appliqued or left blank completely.  The head (which is sewn on by hand) can be placed in many positions for different effects.  And of course fabric choices are almost limitless!  I recommend this pattern, even for beginner toy makers (like myself).  Happy crafting!

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