Monday, April 9, 2012

"&Stitches" stitch a header

The authors of an e-zine and blog that I often visit, &Stitches, recently asked readers to stitch up letters for their header.  These would then be assembled ransom note style to spell "&stitches"- with what I am sure will be eclectic results! 

I submitted a letter "C", which I think turned out nice.  The "C" is composed of french knots, and inside is a gnarly spring tree that is ready to bud.  I hope my "C" is chosen to be a part of the header for this cute blog!

You might be wondering what use a woman named Jasmine would have for an embroidered letter "C".  I think I will make it into a needle book for my mom, who is a super crafty lady whose name just happens to start with "C"!

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