Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vintage Embroidered Linens

My Husband was very sweet and took my Mom and myself to a sidewalk craft sale today.  There were a lot of nice vendors, and I would have more fun if it wasn't nearing 100 degrees without a cloud or a breeze to be found.  The sun is merciless in the desert; you can get the start of a bad sunburn in a matter of 5 minutes.  (I know this from experience!)

Though I was speed shopping, I did pick up a few fat quarters, and scored some beautiful vintage embroidered linens.  Tomorrow I will do a bit of washing, ironing, and stashing!

Sampler butterfly- love the colors!

This is a table runner, with a butterfly on each end

This is a little piece, edged with cotton lace
I think the leaves are kind of neat

Cross stitched rose

This grape embroidered piece is large!  The linen has natty bits running through
it in different colors
The grapes are outlined in the most perfect blanket
stitches I have ever seen!

These two little elves are adorable!
The blue variegated thread gives a nice effect
This bouquet sampler uses quite a few stitches. 
I really like the extra long lazy daisy stitches
worked in pink and red thread!

It is table runner size

This might be my favorite one, I just love this.  It is a table runner, with the
design on both ends.  Cotton lace border

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