Friday, August 31, 2012

A Casual Book Review: Palliser's Model Homes 1878


Palliser's Model Homes 1878, Published 1972 by Glenwood Publishers.  Hardback, no dust jacket, 1st edition

This is a casual book review of Palliser's Model Homes 1878.  (and by casual I mean little effort and less qualifications)

The bright pink and bold cover was hard to miss at the library book sale.  This book called out to me--- "Don't be a tight wad; give the lady a dollar and take me home!"

This is a faithful reproduction of the book that the architectural firm Palliser and Palliser published in 1878.  At the time, small town citizens rarely consulted an architect when building a new home.  The firm saw an untapped market and offered the service of designing beautiful and functional homes.



There are about 80 pages of beautifully drawn houses, blueprints, and a detailed description of the design.

The endpapers have illustrations as well--- this book was owned by an architectural company (note the stamp).  I wonder if they used it for inspiration?

The last few pages are advertisements for faucet heads, door hinges, wainscoting, and all the things needed to furnish and accent your new home.

This is a great little book.  It's fun to flip through, and I'm not really an architecture fan.  I like looking at the blueprints and wandering through the houses...'do I take the back staircase to the kitchen or go through the parlor?'

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