Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pescadero Beach

My husband and I took a trip to the ocean, as I hadn't seen it in 10 years or more.  It was an overcast day, but the sun peaked through a little and the temperature was mild.
Inventory: deli sandwiches and donuts; a few beach towels; binoculars; a couple of kites

We found ourselves on hwy 1, which hugs California's pacific coastline and links a string of state beaches.    The views were beautiful and I shouted "oooh!" with my nose pressed against the car window.

We soon reached the small Pescadero state beach... and then immediately left it again to find an ATM, because my husband had absolutely no cash for parking. 

But this gave us the opportunity to visit the small beach town of Pescadero, which was super quaint and looked like it had been used as a film location. 

Maybe a romantic comedy... a sensitive Hugh Grant type moves there to try his hand in the bakery business...

and falls for the beautiful but guarded lepidopterist who's renting a house in town for the summer to find some rare butterfly;

he watches her ride her bicycle down main street a lot and his new group of quirky local friends tell him to go for it because they would be perfect for each other.

We made it back to the beach, which had a disappointing amount of seashells (none) and very large, colorful grains of sand.

And we flew our kites...

Old trusty; handles like a double decker bus

New box kite; handles like a cadillac
(Note the man in red shorts below the kite, he wandered into the shot and settled in for a good tanning, even though it was
completely overcast)

and we admired the moody and impressive power of the pacific ocean.

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