Monday, October 15, 2012

Movie Mondays

A recap of this week's screenings.  Proof in writing that I watch too many movies.

Wuthering Heights (2009): My favorite book gets the Masterpiece treatment.  It's also been sexed up... I think it's well cast, but if you are familiar with the book you will notice many changes.

Wuthering Heights
Cathy and Heathcliff!

The Graduate (1967): A coming of age drama starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.  This is a cult classic.  It's a time capsule, it's thoughtfully filmed, the plot is engaging, the soundtrack amazing.  Give it a watch!

The Graduate
One word: Plastics

Star Trek TOS (1966).... lots of Star Trek TOS... hours of Star Trek TOS

John Oliver NY Stand Up (2010): Stand up specials hosted by John Oliver.  A lot of these multiple comedian stand up specials are just awful, but give this a watch- it's got some good acts!  And John Oliver is hilarious and endearing.

Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story (2000):  I went in to this thinking it was a documentary about the Monkees... but it's a dramatic retelling.  A genre I normally don't enjoy... but this was pretty watchable (though I don't know how accurate).  It also starred a cast that each looked so like their respective Monkee, they could have been paid impersonators.

Daydream Believers
Those silly Monkees!

Amazing Stories (1985): This old TV show hatched by Steven Spielburg is sort of a kid's Twilight Zone.  It featured every actor and actress from the 1980s.  Most of the episodes I watched were very corny and tiresome.  If I had watched this as a child, it would have blown. my. mind. 

Microplanet (2012):  Nature documentary about... not really small creatures so much as small ecosystems.  I think Netflix recommended it to me because of last week's Fireants.  I thought I was going to enjoy it (I am a huge sucker for nature docs) until this high pitched child's voice comes on as narration.  Either I wasn't the target audience for this thing, or the director is unable to say 'no' to his child.

Pick of the Week:
Puppet (2010):  Documentary that is a little bit about the history puppetry, but more about one man's creative journey from conception to stage of an original puppet show.  I was so pleasantly surprised at this one.  Here are some thoughts that played out in my head as I put this movie on: "I am a grown woman, it's the middle of the day, and I'm about to watch a documentary on puppets...."
But this was very artsy and interesting and poignant at times.  Huge bonus: I discovered Disfarmer, who is right up my alley.


That's all of this week's screenings. I hope some of these films seemed interesting enough for you to check out. I usually watch movies on Netflix instant streaming, and you can find most of the films there.

Thank you for reading!

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