Sunday, October 14, 2012

Random Fall and Food

Fall bouquet

Bartlett pear, granny smith apple, golden delicious apple

Fall cooking is my favorite of the year.  I've eaten lots of warm, cheesy dishes.

Fennel, olive, and goat cheese tart

Korean rice bowl

The two recipes above are from my favorite,
America's Test Kitchen
If' you've never cooked any recipes from America's Test Kitchen, you are in for a treat.  They test each recipe so thoroughly, and write the directions so well that the dishes are almost fool-proof!  I cook almost exclusively with their recipes. 
It sounds like I'm on the pay-roll, but I really believe anyone can cook anything with their help!

Korean rice bowl includes: marinated steak, shiitake mushroom and spinach saute, pickled veggies, rice, and purchased kimchi.  Korean food is one of my favorite things.

Pick up the magazine here; it includes both of the above recipes.

Autumn in the desert is wonderful.  The air is so crisp.. without humidity it is the definition of crisp.  The sun is shining.  The sun always shines and there are few places of shade; but the intense heat is gone.  No rustling leaves- none have fallen.  All is bright, cool, quiet.


Earlier this week a storm blew through.  It hailed in the evening and the balls of ice melted as quickly as they fell.  The heat of my hand began to turn this one to a puddle as I held it.

I've started a new quilt!  More on that later!

Frida girl!!  Look at that goatee! ;)

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