Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clark County Museum


We've all had those days... bored and despondent.  No errands to run, but really want to leave the house.  Needing some stimulation but wanting to spend zero dollars. 

This is where my husband and I found ourselves one hot day last week.  After a brief discussion, we decided a museum visit would fit our mood perfectly!

So off we went to the Clark County Museum.  This museum has a small gift shop and an indoor exhibit of the history of Las Vegas, but the best part is the outdoor exhibits: a conglomerate ghost town of historic buildings stocked with period furniture and accessories.  These buildings are spread out over acres and require a good deal of outdoor walking.

But once we arrived, the reality of how incredibly hot it was hit us hard.  The walk from the car to the gift shop was enough for me.  We quickly decided to skip the outdoor section and just look around the indoor exhibit.  Maybe we'll visit again in December!

Main Building
Early ranchers... and not bad looking either
How anyone lived in this desert without AC is beyond me
Note the prostituion token,
reads "good for one screw"
I love the graphics on this old slot machine
Yeah... a lot of nuclear testing went on just north of here
Mid century modern goodness
Everyone is cooked well done
Sign from the late 70s
Ladies pose in front of the Landmark Hotel. 

My favorite Las Vegas sign has to
be the old Stardust.
Can't believe it was torn down to build the Echelon,
which after 5 years is still basically a dirt lot

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