Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Movie Mondays (TV Tuesday?)

A recap of this weeks screenings.  Proof in writing that I watch too many movies.

Team America (2004): Hadn't seen this movie in years; I giggled throughout. 

Mummies IMAX (2007):  This is a beautifully filmed (of course, it's IMAX), if slightly uninspired show about mummies.

The Color of Magic (2008): Watched part one of two so far.  It's pretty good, even if it's geared towards a younger audience.  I had never heard of discworld until now, but apparently it's based on a book.

Centurion (2010):  This was an average bloody gladiator style man movie.  It was watchable but lagged in many areas.  Of course Michael Fassbender had many opportunities to be shirtless, which was nice.

I Spit on Your Grave (1978):  My husband used to have this on VHS, and hadn't seen it in years, so we gave it a watch.  This was a hard one to get through, as it is particularly graphic in several areas.  It's a controversial film that has been banned in many countries.  I do love horror movies from this time period though....

Barbarella (1968):  What a very silly film!  I was in awe through most of it.  The 1960s is probably my least favorite cinematic period; I can't stand those beach bingo goofy characters.  This was worth a watch though, and Jane Fonda's body was smoking.  I kept thinking "Clobberella" the whole time.

Legend of Hell's Gate (2011): I don't know why, but I've been in a western mood.  This movie was pretty good... OK the plot had more holes than a slice of swiss cheese, but it was beautifully filmed which for me excuses many faults in a film.  I liked this one.

He knew he was right (2004): If I'm being honest, I've seen this mini series before, in all its crazy Victorian melodrama goodness.  Based on an incredibly long series of books, this one is pretty good.  And it's got Bill Nighy, who I love.

BlueBeard (2009):  I liked this French film based on the fairy tale of the same name.  I read some reviews that complained the actors were very wooden, which I guess they were but it didn't bother me.  The mood in general was very quiet and understated.  It was directed by Catherine Breillat, and I could feel a woman's sensibility to it, which I liked.

Snow White Tale of Terror (1997):  Most of the films I watched this week had great visuals.  This was no exception.  Something about this one was off... maybe a few plot points or something- not sure.  But the visual story was pure fairytale.  And Sam Neill, who I love, is in it!

Quest for Fire (1981): I saw this a long time ago, but couldn't remember much of it.  I put it on one morning thinking it would be tedious, but was surprisingly good.  As a fan of the Clan of the Cave Bear series, I quickly got in the neolithic groove.

Frankenstein (2004):  Miniseries.  Pretty good!  The guy who played the monster did a real good job.  Pretty true to the story as well.

Jane Eyre (1996): If I'm being honest again, I've seen this one before too.  I love period piece mini series, and there's just not enough of them around!  Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books, and I liked this one pretty well, but it changed a lot of the plot.  The actress who plays Jane Eyre is kind of weird looking...

Parents (1989): This was pretty good.  Again, visually like candy (it's set in a stereotypical 1950s).  I'm no film critic, but it seemed to me this film was ahead of it's time.  The quirky mood seemed more like a late 90s style film than a late 80s.  Maybe this one was influential?

Great Gatsby (1974):  Great book, great movie.  I loved looking at Robert Redford's hot man hands.  I want to punch Daisy in the face though...

Slums of Beverly Hills (1998):  I hadn't seen this one since I was a teenager.  It was weird seeing it from an adult point of view.  Pretty good film, but slightly annoying to me.

Teen a Go-Go (2012): I liked this documentary about the music scene in Austin (I think?!) Texas in the 1960s.  Go-Go-tastic!  The birth of the garage band.

Clue (1985): Ambitious and original take on the board game clue.  I like Tim Curry and this was pretty good.  The 'who dunnit' wasn't predictable either.

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