Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whig's Defeat Mini Quilt Part 1

I have been working on and off for almost two weeks on this mini quilt and have finally finished the top!  The pattern, Whig's Defeat, is an old one; I came across it in a book of antique quilts and immediately loved it. 
It was very tricky to piece- each diamond and triangle had to be cut individually and carefully sewn.  The green petals are all hand appliqued. 
I'm not yet sure how I will quilt it, but I think I am going to bind it in off-white muslin to minimize distraction from the design.
After completing one square of this pattern, I have huge respect for anyone who completes a full size quilt!

If you are interested in trying one yourself, I found my templates/instructions for the Whig's Defeat pattern on this site.

Those white diamonds were hard to get right! The pink and dotted fabric plays tricks
on the eyes and adds a bit more visual interest, I think.
The finished quilt should be about 20" square.
Here is the back!  Lots of little pieces!
Detail of diamonds and applique.

Here is a close up of the back. 

I hope to have this quilted soon, so check back for the finished result!


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