Monday, February 20, 2012

Whig's Defeat mini quilt part 2

I bound the quilt in white and I used vareigated thread to quilt it.
Well, I have finished quilting and binding my Whig's Defeat mini quilt.  As usual I dived right in to the hardest project that came to mind, and then found it took three times longer than I assumed it would to finish!  Still, I am pleased with the results.
My plan is to make three more mini quilts of roughly the same size (20 inches square), but of a varied color and pattern, and hang them above my mantle.  Currently a large nude painting hangs there; it is certainly eye catching, but kind of made for an awkward family portrait this past christmas, looming above everyones head.

A little history:
The Whig's Defeat's history is, like many quilt patterns, an interesting one.  A quilt was for American woman one of their few available means of political expression.  There are many historical political/election quilts. 

In the presidential election of 1844, whig candidate Henry Clay was defeated by the democrat James K. Polk, inspiring some anonymous (and we can assume democratic) lady to create this intricate block, and name if victoriously. 
I came across a quilt dating from 1860 in a book and thought the motif, being very self contained and graphically pleasing would make a perfect mini quilt.   

I stitched in the ditch and echo quilted

The back

Detail of the stitching

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