Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Polyester Squares

Several years ago, while shopping at a weekend flea market (in the parking lot of an old piggly wiggly to be exact), I came across a large plastic bag filled with.. hundreds of 1" polyester squares.  I think these were an ambitious quilt project that was never finished.  The squares are all cut by hand (no rotary cutter) and seem to be taken mostly from clothes.  Needless to say I was hyperventilating while getting them to my car!

Here are some of the squares-the fabrics are so great!  I have never counted all the squares,
 but my guess would be at least 1,000

I haven't the heart to cut into any of the squares, it just didn't seemed right.  But, I have used a handful in various projects over the years.  Here is a little clutch I made using recycled wool and a few polyester squares. 

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