Friday, March 23, 2012

Chicken scratch pillow

Chicken scratch pillow

I had the great good fortune of knowing my great grandmother.  We called her "Ma". She was a hard working farmer's wife, an amazing baker, and a very crafty lady.  She was sweet and loving.  She made a quilt for me when I was born, it is a sunbonnet sue with yellow and ecru sashing.  She made my mother an amazing cathedral window quilt that hung in our dining room my entire childhood.  She always had a project going.

My mother and I were talking recently about a pillow that Ma stitched.  Mom told me it's called "chicken scratch", and after looking online, I found this type of embroidery was popular in the depression.  You embroider a double cross stitch (and a few other stitches as desired) to make a design on gingham fabric. 

I remember the pillow from my childhood as well.  It has a very textural feeling.  I like that Ma barely stuffed the pillow, so it is very thin, I would say no more than two inches thick.  I think I will start under stuffing pillows, so I can fit more on my couch!

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