Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drunkard's path medallion variation quilt top

Roy G Biv
Thought I would share a few photos of this quilt top I pieced several years ago.  I pulled it out today to give it a look and wonder (again) if it would be possible to quilt it at home.  It is a beast!  I don't know the measurements, but it's about a queen. 

I don't know the proper name for the pattern, but it is a variation on the 'drunkard's path' pattern, and in my head I call it the 'medallion variation.'  It is pieced with feed sack reproduction fabric and off white muslin. 

This top was packed up and it came to mind because I am wanting to join the retro flowers quilt along, hosted by citystitches, and those curved seams made me think of my quilt top.  

After doing so many of them I feel like a pro, but when you think you've got them down is when you end up reaching for the seam ripper!

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