Friday, March 2, 2012

Holbein Sketch, The Earl of Surrey Embroidery

Isn't he handsome?  In a very British sort of way!

So, continuing the theme of yesterday's book review of Flowers and Trees of Tudor England, I thought I would share a peek of one of my newest projects, a series of embroideries based on sketches by the great Tudor era painter, Hans Holbein. 

Most everyone is (even unknowingly) familiar with Holbein's work, as he painted the iconic portraits of the large and in charge Henry VIII.

I came across a picture of the Earl of Surrey, as sketched by Holbein, in one of my Horizon magazines, and fell a little bit in love with his handsome face and cool aristocratic expression.  I thought it would make a perfect embroidery!

I have been working on this, and other Holbein based embroideries for weeks, and hope to offer the patterns for sale in my Etsy shop very soon!

My pattern transfer technique is humorous I know- but I was improvising!  I used some
Dritz Mark-be-gone tracing paper and a steel crochet hook!

It worked pretty good!  The lines kept wanting to disappear so I ironed it good to help set them.

I used several stitches, including cloud fill, stem, and very tiny feather stitches!  Those back stitches that
make up the face are about a 32nd of an inch and smaller!

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