Friday, August 17, 2012

Sun Belt Scrambled Eggs

Sun Belt Scrambled Eggs

Serves 2-4

Notes: This recipe could easily be doubled for a crowd.  I prefer the dried sun-dried tomatoes, as opposed to the ones packed in olive oil.  A little blue cheese goes a long way!

6 eggs
2-3 tbls milk
2 tbls butter
4 scallions, chopped thin
handful of grated white cheddar cheese
handful of sun-dried tomato
half avocado, sliced thin
handful of blue cheese
Salt and Pepper

1. Add 2-3 tbls milk in a bowl with cracked eggs, salt and pepper.  Beat vigorously with a fork until mixture is thickened and uniform in color.  (the milk will make your eggs fluffier; you can sub heavy cream or half and half)

2. Meanwhile, melt butter in skillet til foaming.  Add chopped scallions and saute til onions are softened and starting to brown.

3. Add beaten eggs to skillet.  Throw cheese and sun-dried tomatoes on top of eggs and stir gently to combine.  Let eggs cook for a few minutes without stirring-- this will set the curds.  Then stir gently and sparingly with a wide spatula, scooping from underneath the eggs and gently flipping them over.  This gives the eggs a large, fluffy curd.

4. Remove eggs from heat; when they are done cooking they should appear only slightly moist and should be almost beginning to brown.  Sprinkle blue cheese and top with avocado. 


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