Monday, August 13, 2012

Working on new patterns; Case of the disappearing post; total misc.

There hasn't been much to share in the sewing department this week.  I've been working on a few original sewing patterns, but they are all in pieces.  It's been long hours at the sewing machine with little yet to show for my time. 

To take a break I've been crocheting. 

I made this block to go in my granny square sampler afghan.  It's not part of Blair's blocks, but what the hell, I'll fit it in somewhere!

I thumbed through some of my crochet patterns last night and pulled out about 10 that I'd like to start sooner than later.  This time last year I was crocheting on average 6 hours a day-- either until my wrists and fingers forfeited, or the lower half of my body fell completely asleep.

Among other things, crocheting gives me a great opportunity to cull my netflix queue, which somehow always hovers at 500 titles.

Speaking of, if you notice a lack of a movie monday post today, it's because I have an unsolved and unpleasant case on my hands.  The case of the disappearing post.
I'd been adding movies all week to a draft post, but when I opened the post this morning to add the recently devoured Doctor Zhivago (2002), I watched in dismay as the draft failed to load properly and somehow erased itself in the process. 

So... I don't have the heart to redo the post, but it included several awful 1970s English vampire films, an Elvis civil war drama, and a history of the banjo documentary.  A real loss to the world I think that post will be. ;)

In desperate need of some white paint the other night, I finally tried out the tube squeezer my husband got me at xmas.  Takes some elbow grease, but works like a charm!

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